This is what 49 looks like.

IMG_8370Like many others before me, I’d been debating for some time whether or not I should jump on the blogging bandwagon. My interest was first piqued while taking a Fashion Merchandising certificate program in 2012. Creating a blog and writing about a runway show was one of the assignments. It was surprisingly easy to do, and rather fun. It led me to thinking that doing a blog with a friend would be really fun and silly and creative. I imagined just taking pictures of our regular, every-day, East Van, vintage, thrift, funky, punk, or whatever outfits would be fun. Finding a friend to commit to such a project proved difficult, so the concept got shelved.

Here I was, a few weeks before turning 49, longing for a creative outlet, a project of my own. And here I am, ready to put myself out there, baby-body, wrinkles and all. I decided that the time was now. Thus,  my very first (maiden!) posting is me getting ready to go out for my birthday with my hubby. (It took me a few weeks to get my sh*t together, and get my nerve up!). It’s Vancouver, it’s raining. I had just been inspired (again) by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I scored this beautiful, NWT London Fog trench at Value Village, ready to face the rain with classic headscarf and all. Black shirtdress with a leopard cardigan, and an enormous tacky necklace that doesn’t really show in the photo. Oh well! Taking your own photos is bloody difficult! I completed the outfit with nude fishnets and superb Geox faux snake pumps. Everything I’m wearing is second hand.

And yes, we had a great time!

Please like and share! Ciao!

Author: eastvankiitten

Hello- I'm a vintage collector and thrifty shopper from way back. I've studied Fashion Design, done costumes for theatre and film, and worked in vintage boutiques, among other things. I was thinking for a few years to start a blog, so here I am, approaching 50, and attempting this crazy new thing from beautiful East Vancouver, British Columbia.

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