Baby, it’s cold outside!

IMG_8623The last few days, the thermometer has been hovering between 0 degrees and minus 7. That’s Celsius, folks! That’s really cold for Vancouver, where we’re more used to rain in winter, not cold. So the trick is, how to look sharp, and stay warm? The answer may be- BORG! No, not a creature from Star Trek. Yes, the fun, fluffy, 70’s, so-faux fur. It doesn’t weigh a thing, and they are really warm. This particular so-tacky-it’s-good number is my latest acquisition from my local neighbourhood haunt, Value Village. I was recently there for a big 50% off event. This wonderful coat was ticketed at $9.99. First I saw some young raver guy walking around with it on, testing it out. I thought it was gone to a good home. Then later I saw it back on the rack. For 5 bucks, I couldn’t resist. Even if I only wear it once, it’s worth every penny! And I love me some spots; leopard, Dalmatian, polka dots. Black and white prints I’m always drawn to, because of course they are so easy to wear with black or with white, but also they are the perfect backdrop for brights. I’m partial to red, myself.

It was staring at me for a couple of weeks before I decided what to do with it, and of course it needed to be cold enough. Today was the day. The shoulders are huge! The sleeves are a bit too short! But I don’t care, because I love this hilarious coat. I wore it out to lunch with my husband, and it was just the ticket. I couldn’t be bothered to do my hair, so topping it with my Greek fisherman’s hat seemed ideal, and warm. Being a beautiful, bright day, off I went to sushi with my (prescription) Raybans. (Hey, I’m old. They were an investment, and they are great for driving!) Dark skinny jeans, cream fisherman’s sweater, black scarf, and Doc Martens tied it all together. Warm, stylish, cheap. What else could be better? Until I got home, and saw that the darn thing has belt loops! I’ll have to try out that option at a later date.

For those dry-cleaning addicts out there, another thing I love about Borg is that you don’t need to be afraid to wash it. Gentle wash in your machine, just the coat, and fill the tub with water. Tumble dry for maybe 10 minutes to get the wrinkles out, then hang to dry on a coat hanger. Make it all pretty with a steamer, if you have one. And voila, a freshly washed coat; you saved money, saved the life of your garment, and the environment.

As per usual, every item I’m wearing is second-hand, except for the Raybans. Cheers!

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Author: eastvankiitten

Hello- I'm a vintage collector and thrifty shopper from way back. I've studied Fashion Design, done costumes for theatre and film, and worked in vintage boutiques, among other things. I was thinking for a few years to start a blog, so here I am, approaching 50, and attempting this crazy new thing from beautiful East Vancouver, British Columbia.

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