It’s a Rock ‘n Roll weekend

This weekend I was tagging along on a wee bit of a tour with my husband’s band, The Real McKenzies. I joined him in Victoria, BC, and again the next day in hometown Vancouver. The forecast called for cold and wet (surprise!) so I opted for this incredibly cool leather coat that I haven’t worn nearly enough. Paul acquired it for me in Europe- it is a WWII German police officer’s coat. It’s really heavy, and warm. It was just the thing for the ferry crossing to Victoria, and it doesn’t get much more rock ‘n roll than head-to-toe leather!

There is very little thrifty about this posting; the coat was about $350, but I’m sure it will keep its value, and man will it ever be great on my motorbike. This totally reminds of the creepy character Willem Dafoe plays in The Grand Budapest Hotel; this is exactly the coat he would wear. Dayton Boots are a beautiful thing. This company has been around making hand-made boots since 1946. They started out with men’s work boots, and later added motorcycle boots. They start at about $500, but are worth every penny, because  these boots will probably last for decades; my first pair is over 20 years old, and still look and feel great.  Paul had me order these exorbitant tall, zippered, custom motorcycle boots, and he claims that I will be buried in them. For the amount of money I paid for them, I sure hope so! And you gotta have good sturdy boots when you’re in the mosh pit.

My husband is quite the shopper too. Somewhere while touring in the US, he bought me this black Panama Jack hat. I kind of scratched my head dubiously when I first saw it, but then quickly realized that he sometimes knows me better than I know myself. I pretty much always wear this hat when I travel, and of course it is great in the rain. 99% of the time I can’t be bothered with umbrellas, so a great hat is the way to go. I love every item in this outfit, they are all really special. But I hold an especially warm place in my heart for this ancient McKenzie pladdie, which was given to Paul a few years ago. It is also great for travelling; it’s a scarf, it’s a wrap, it’s a blanket, and can even be a sarong in a pinch.

I find the pladdie always just makes the outfit. So elegant.

Whenever I go to a McKenzie’s show, I always always wear the pladdie, for obvious reasons! It’s the family colours after all, it is just such a cool and beautiful thing to wear, and I’m honoured that Paul always lets me wear it. It is truly the linch pin of my rock n’ roll outfit, and I wear it with pride. Speaking of pride, I always wear my Finnish Kalevala jewelry too, because I want to fly my flag as well as Paul’s; besides, the Finnish and Scottish flags rock the same colours! This stuff is also not inexpensive. The long necklace I acquired 20 years ago while living in Finland; I believe it was worth several hundred dollars, but this too I treasure.

The vegan leather miniskirt I bought at H&M when they first opened in Vancouver. It’s a great travel skirt, with 3 deep zippered pockets. The shimmery navy leather top is by Danier, another recent favourite from Value Village, because for 15 bucks, it is sexy and slimming! The leather pouch I purchased at a now-closed store on Commercial Drive in Vancouver called Rabbit and Empee. I spotted one very similar on a female musician during another tour, and had to have one. It’s like a belt, and a fanny pack, but way cooler! It will keep your money and passport safe, has a spot for your cell phone and cash, and another wee pocket for your earplugs and lipstick. The perfect touring hands-free purse. I like to complete my show-day outfit with a hat. Sometimes it’s my bonnie blue bonnet, on this occasion I opted for this wee tam. It is actually McLaren tartan, but close enough to McKenzie that I thought I could get away with it.

So there you have it folks! Extremely traditional, combined with a modern punk rock aesthetic!

The McKenzie colours vibrate!
My Kalevala jewelry
Thistle pin, purchased in a thrift store
Cooler than a fanny pack
It’s a family affair
Paul is wearing his beautiful, custom made McKenzie kilt with a horsehair sporran from the 1930’s, Dayton motorcycle boots, traditional kilt belt, socks, and flashes.

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Author: eastvankiitten

Hello- I'm a vintage collector and thrifty shopper from way back. I've studied Fashion Design, done costumes for theatre and film, and worked in vintage boutiques, among other things. I was thinking for a few years to start a blog, so here I am, approaching 50, and attempting this crazy new thing from beautiful East Vancouver, British Columbia.

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