Hello I’m Kristiina. I’m a vintage collector and thrifty shopper from way back. It was a moment of pure revelation when I discovered Value Village in New Westminster, British Columbia, back when I was 16. The stuff you could find was so amazing, compared to what was at the mall stores, like Mariposa. Groan. It was all so different, so funky, and so cheap! I could go to school, and not look like a clone! It was worth the multi-bus trip out there from my childhood home in Coquitlam. It’s a faze I’ve never grown out of, much to my mother’s dismay.

As an adult, I’ve done quite a few different things- studied aesthetics, traveled around Europe, and lived in Finland for 2 years. I came back and studied Fashion Design so that I could get into the film industry. I worked as an Assistant Costume Designer on several films, and was Costume Designer for a few independent features. Got married, moved to an island, had 2 kids, became a business owner. Moved back to Vancouver (minus husband and businesses) and started all over again. Back to school, this time for a Fashion Merchandising program. And that’s sort of where I am now, starting over with a new husband, re-inventing myself, again. Traveling, touring with my husband, learning to embroider, riding motorcycles, being a mom. Trying new things, and trying to have fun!