The name-drop issue

The shirt says it all.

I guess I was feeling kind of badass today, and this is what I came up with.  I love this band, the Boids. I’ve toured with them a couple of times, while they were on tour with my husband’s band The Real McKenzies. They were kind enough to give me this awesome t-shirt. I have stacks and stacks of  band T-shirts in black, so I just had to get my hands on a red one. This song “Fuck your Macho Bullshit” is from their album Superbafrango. I just love the message, because, hey, who doesn’t love cussing? And as a woman, yeah, I can do without anyone’s macho bullshit. This is my interpretation of a #metoo shirt; yes, I’ve had plenty of unpleasant things happen to me, as I’m sure every woman out there has. I can make myself heard too, in my own, cussing, bright red shirt-wearing way.

Red socks with sock monkeys and scuffed Doc Martens. Because.

The red socks and Doc Martens combo I have to admit are inspired by the lovely Rad Baztard, one of my favourite bartenders at my favourite local watering hole, What’s Up? Hot Dog. Rad is in a really fun punk rock band called the Isotopes. Him and his partner Jill are always wearing the funnest outfits whenever I pop in to see them. For decades, I never, ever, wore anything but black socks. But these days I have no problem injecting some additional colour into my wardrobe, especially red. Now if only I could find one of these belts with rivets in red. I’ve been searching for months!

In a way, punk rock, or rock and roll looks, are pretty classic in their own way. Denim and  motorcycle jackets, Doc Martens or motorcycle boots will always be part of the “uniform”. (The subject of “The Uniform” is going to be whole ‘nother post!) But it is nice to see the uniform evolve and change over time, even for an old, stalwart, black-socks-only wearing person like myself. One cannot deny the practicality of everything in this outfit. Jeans, the original working man’s trousers. T-shirts, have been a part of the dictionary since the 1920s. The black leather biker jacket, has also been around at least since the 1950s. Think Marlon Brando, or James Dean. Yes, I often wear my jacket while riding my motorcycle, so it is not just for show. Doc Martens have been around since 1947. Why do I wear mine all the time? Because not only do they look cool, but they go with practically everything, and are the most comfortable walking shoes that I have. Of course I also had 8-holes “back in the day” like any good punk rock kid! So we take all these classic pieces, and put them together, and viola! Instant subversive uniform. Yes folks, that was sarcasm.

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A few of my favourite things

We all have some old favourites, things that we refuse to part with, things that make us feel good, make us feel cool. Here are a few of my favourite things. Most of these things I have had for about 20 years, pieces so unique, or so cool, that I keep going back to them.


These slingback spectator shoes from the 60s are just way too much fun. I like to wear them with a simple black dress, or something in a 60’s A-line. Cigarette pants also do the trick.


The necklace, also from the 60s, is massive! I found this wonderful piece when I was living and working in Helsinki in the early ’90s. It is so huge, so heavy, so tacky, and so unique, that it is absolutely one of my favourite necklaces. Go big or go home! It is such a statement piece, that it really makes the outfit; whatever you are wearing is merely a backdrop for this stunning necklace.




This cardigan, which woefully has seen better days, is dyed camel hair, the sleeves are wool with leather trim.  This is so fun and funky. Awesome with just a t-shirt and jeans. It is the grandpa sweater gone bad, not for the timid. I think I got this at the long-gone Vancouver vintage store, Cool Stuff, also probably 20+years ago. Great store; the owner relocated to Edmonton many years ago.



I love this jacket so much, but this photo really doesn’t do it justice. To me, it just screams Rock ‘n Roll! And it probably literally does- I have worn this jacket to countless punk and rock shows, ever since I picked it up when I was working at True Value Vintage in the mid ’90s. (God, I’m old) It’s tight and sexy and it’s red leather! What else do you want? Or need, for that matter. Every girl should have a red leather jacket! I’m just waiting until I can get the zipper on it done up again. Either that, or my daughter will inherit it one day. But honestly, I’d rather wear it myself.

Wonderful vintage tooled leather from C’est La Vie in Vancouver.

This gorgeous vintage tooled leather bag is one of my new favourite things. I recently acquired it at a great vintage store on Main Street in Vancouver called C’est la Vie. I was ecstatic when I found it, because I had been looking for a nice black tooled bag for quite some time. It’s the perfect size for everyday use; not just for going out to shows. I’m sure I will use this for years, until it falls apart.


Lastly, my trusty Dayton boots. I bought these in the mid-90’s when I returned from living in Finland. God, they were expensive, but obviously worth it. This is a fine example of investing in a quality item. These boots have been to countless gigs, twice as many as the red jacket! They were so stiff when I got them, they took a good 6 months to break in. But hey, you need good footwear in the mosh pit! When I got them, I never dreamt I would actually get to use them as motorcycle boots, but now I am. For a solid 10 years, I wore nothing but these boots. I took a few years off after babies, because I didn’t have time to do all the laces, and they were snug from my enlarged feet. But I am wearing them again, along with my 4 other pairs. My husband has a few pairs that he has also been wearing for many years; they are the most bad-ass motorcycle boots out there. Jeez, I should be a spokesperson for Daytons.

Looking back through all these pieces, they would actually make a pretty great outfit, just throw on some jeans!

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