Welcome to Spring

Spring has sprung quite nicely, at least in my little corner of the world. My daughter is off school for 2 weeks for spring break, and it’s lovely out today. We’re off doing errands in the neighbourhood, and I’m feeling bright!

Dress from Dots Discount Designer Wear, Victoria, BC.

I start my Spring outfit with a dress from Dots in Victoria. This cute little dress cost me all of $5, new! I love the splashes of colour, and the cut is very forgiving. Though it’s sunny out, it’s still not warm, maybe 10 degrees Celsius, and I’m not ready for bare legs. I’m feeling that bright tights are the way to go. So I dig through the various colours, and teal feels right. I’m not sure why exactly I have so many different colour tights; I guess I just collected them when I was working at a thrift store . They’re not really something that I would go out and buy new, unless it was for a very specific outfit. I guess that’s how I end up with most of my funky, random things. The next step (ha ha!) was shoes, and my 10-year old thought that blue suede loafers were the right choice. I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen them, but I am now in love with this shoe and tights combo. These shoes I purchased  at Spring many years ago while working as an assistant costume designer. I love them, they are comfortable; why do I wear them so rarely? It must be the subconscious Vancouver rain thing- I don’t want to ruin these shoes by getting caught in a downpour. But I think I’m over it now, finally!

London Fog trench and vintage bag, both from Value Village.


The dress is sleeveless, so I topped it with a long black cardigan to keep warm, and my wonderful $25 London Fog trench. I have already gotten so much use out of it, it’s absolutely the perfect spring topper for Vancouver. Then I finished it off with the cutest pale blue Angora beret, and this black tooled leather bag. When I spotted the bag at Value Village for $12, I grabbed it and paid for it as quick as I could, before someone realized they had made a mistake! It cracks me up to think how long it took me to figure out that I could pair the beret with the shoes- I’ve had both items for several years. Not a perfect colour match, but close enough for me.

Vintage tooled leather.
My daughter took this photo. Thanks lassie!

Later in the day, my daughter wanted to go out for a bike ride, so I kept the dress, put on some grey leggings, and these adorable Keds, another great Value Village find at $3. I don’t generally like mixing prints, but the colours matched the dress so perfectly, and I thought it was a very fun look. Add my jean jacket, and it’s off to the park we go! If you are shopping for the perfect jean jacket, I swear this is it. I have two; one old and faded and covered with patches, and this newer one. The original one I purchased new at the Gap a few years ago. I’m sure you have surmised by now that I don’t generally frequent establishments like the Gap, but sometimes you just gotta. It has 2 breast pockets, two roomy pockets for your hands, and two very spacious inside pockets-virtually unheard of in a women’s garment, which makes this the perfect traveling jacket, or for those days you can’t be bothered with a purse. The fit is very nice too, tailored to a woman’s shape, not boxy at all. This jacket is pretty much my uniform in the summer- it just seems to go with everything! Happy Spring and happy thrifting!



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This is what 49 looks like.

IMG_8370Like many others before me, I’d been debating for some time whether or not I should jump on the blogging bandwagon. My interest was first piqued while taking a Fashion Merchandising certificate program in 2012. Creating a blog and writing about a runway show was one of the assignments. It was surprisingly easy to do, and rather fun. It led me to thinking that doing a blog with a friend would be really fun and silly and creative. I imagined just taking pictures of our regular, every-day, East Van, vintage, thrift, funky, punk, or whatever outfits would be fun. Finding a friend to commit to such a project proved difficult, so the concept got shelved.

Here I was, a few weeks before turning 49, longing for a creative outlet, a project of my own. And here I am, ready to put myself out there, baby-body, wrinkles and all. I decided that the time was now. Thus,  my very first (maiden!) posting is me getting ready to go out for my birthday with my hubby. (It took me a few weeks to get my sh*t together, and get my nerve up!). It’s Vancouver, it’s raining. I had just been inspired (again) by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I scored this beautiful, NWT London Fog trench at Value Village, ready to face the rain with classic headscarf and all. Black shirtdress with a leopard cardigan, and an enormous tacky necklace that doesn’t really show in the photo. Oh well! Taking your own photos is bloody difficult! I completed the outfit with nude fishnets and superb Geox faux snake pumps. Everything I’m wearing is second hand.

And yes, we had a great time!

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